Mercer County Fair & Horse Show

Recognized as the oldest continuous Fair and Horse Show in the United States, Dating from 1828, the present location was purchased in 1904, having been the site of an African American Fair. This Property is on the African-American History Tour.

The property was once a part of the Harrodsburg Springs. As Mercer County moved out of the settlement period and the threat of Indian depredations diminished, agricultural advancement and livestock breeding became a major focus.  The Fair flourished with the exhibition of fine bloodstock exhibited by the likes of Henry Clay and the Shakers. 

The Mercer County Fair was not only witness to the creation of the Amerian Saddlebred, but after the horse was no longer the primary means of transportation, venues such as this were responsible for the preservation and advancement of the breed.


Mercer County Fair & Horse Show
460 Linden Avenue
Harrodsburg, KY 40330