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The James Harrod Trust needs the participation and support of every person who values history, architecture and the education of future generations.

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“Architecture should speak of its time and place, but yearn for timelessness.” 

- Frank Gehry

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Help protect and promote the cultural, natural. historical, architectural and archeological heritage of Harrodsburg and Mercer County to enhance the quality of life for this and future generations. Receive our quarterly newsletter, attend our meetings, and join other local, history-loving citizens to help preserve our mutual past.

Our membership levels are named for individuals who were supporters of historic preservation here in Mercer County.

  • Terry White Membership (Individual Membership) - $25
  • Louise Dean Membership (Family Membership) - $50
  • James Haggin Membership (Organization Membership) - $75
  • Anna Armstrong Membership (Preserver Membership) - $100
  • Frances Keightly Membership (Supporter Membership) - $250
  • Ann Progue Membership (Benefactor Membership)- $500
  • David Dolen Membership (Patron Membership) - $1,000
  • Ralph Anderson Membership (Archangel Membership) - $5,000+
  • James Harrod Membership (Corporate Membership) - $10,000+

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Volunteer Your Time

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Dig Into History

Our volunteers are the nicest people! Join them today to help preserve, research, promote and protect our local and national items of historical value and import. From applying your research skills to applying elbow grease to maintain historical sites, we need your help. Have special skills in event planning, genealogy, fundraising or a general love of history? We have a job for you!

  • Serve on a Committee
  • Cemetery Tours
  • Membership Events
  • Porch Tours
  • Special Events
  • Repair & Maintenance of Properties
  • Research


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Tell us about them! We invite everyone to get involved in our shared commitment to preserving historic architecture in Mercer County.

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