Back of Rocky Point

The Trust took the advice of the groups and listed the house on Historic for $15,000. We received many, many inquiries but within a week we received the earnest money, sight unseen. An easement was drawn up for the property with help from the Kentucky Heritage Council. In August 2008 papers were signed and Rocky Point had a new owner willing to restore it and make it home. Work began almost immediately and will hopefully be done bythe end of 2009. Not only did the Trust benefit by this sale but the community will also benefit by welcoming these new preservationists to town.
Rocky Point

In 2000 the Trust bought Rocky Point with gifted money. We had high hopes of restoring the neglected home to its former Federal glory as a house museum. A full calendar of projects and the closing of some funding sources delayed work on Rocky Point until 2006 when worsening structural issues again focused our energies in that direction. We realized we must make Rocky Point our number one goal, but many of us disagreed on its future purpose. We needed outside help, so we applied for and received a match grant from the National Trust for Historic Preservation to stage a charette, or practicum garnering various ideas on the possible uses of the leaking, vacant home. We received the match for the grant from Cultural Resources Applications, Inc. that also helped in stabilizing one of the chimneys. On a cold, wet Saturday in February, 2008, we hosted 30 people at Beaumont Inn to tour, and then discuss RockyPoint. These participants were preservationists, craftsmen, tourism directors, realtors, and local interested citizens. Three discussion groups were formed and after 2 hours each group reported on their vision for Rocky Point. Independently each group suggested we stabilize and sell the house.

The James Harrod Trust

for Historic Preservation

Front of Rocky Point