The James Harrod Trust

for Historic Preservation

It is the first permanent English Settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains and the birthplace of Western Expansion beyond the original colonies.

​Concerned by the recent destruction, deterioration, and abandonment of local landmarks, a group of Mercer County Citizens formed the James Harrod Trust. TheTrust is a resource and advocacy organization that encourages problem solving and the exchange of ideas between similar organizations, property owners, government and the general public.

"The James Harrod Trust is a nonprofit advocate for historic preservation which will strive to protect and promote the cultural, natural, historic, architectural, and archaeological heritage of Harrodsburg and Mercer County to enhance the quality of life for this and future generations."

​Located in the center of Kentucky, in the famed Bluegrass region, Harrodsburg and Mercer County has a unique heritage. It has been home to several Kentucky Derby winners, Pleasant Hill (the now­ restored Shaker colony), numerous Kentucky Governors, and famous inns and spas. The rolling bluegrass fields are often fenced by dry mortar stone walls and many of the small hillocks are the sites of prehistoric Woodland Native American burials or settlements.

​Every architectural style is evident from the 15th and 16th century European post and beam with wattle and daub to the hewn log cabin; from the 18th century hand made brick homes to the antebellum mansions with their slave quarters; from the ornate Victorian gingerbread sketchbook mansions and theQueen Anne revival houses to wonderful examples of the Arts and Crafts bungalow.

Our goals are to raise awareness, educate and advocate preservation in ourcommunity. To achieve this ongoing goal we have and continue to:

​ - Conduct guided walking tours in historic districts
- Supply speakers and materials for work shops and displays
- Designate historic districts with signage
​ - Develop a self­-guided walking/driving tour throughout our county designating
historic properties and pioneer stations.
- These sites have numbered signs with verbiage as to their
importance. A brochure complete with map is available.

​Our heritage is the legacy of a pioneer dream of 1774. "To Save The Dream,"James Harrod Trust needs the participation and support of every person whovalues history, architecture, and the education of future generations.

What We Do!